Online slots strategy for casino slots

Although slots are a game of chance, there is still strategy to be followed to increase your chances of winning when playing slots at online casinos.

When playing slots at online casinos always play the maximum number of coins. The return percentages on progressives are usually lower than on standard machines and the only reason to play a progressive is to win the jackpot and to win the jackpot a player must play full coin. In non-progressive jackpot slots, it is still wise to play maximum coins because the jackpots are usually proportionally higher compared to when playing minimum coins.

What works best for most players is betting large when winning, small when losing. The one thing the casino can't control is how much you choose to bet. So when winning simply increase your credit value whenever and vice-versa when not.

Every player should definitely set a particular win amount for any given slots game and session where the player walks away once they hit a certain target. This approach should also be applied to losses as well - a disciplined approach is very important when playing slots.

The golden rule when playing slots at online casinos is if you get lucky and hit that big jackpot make sure you take the money and run! Give that particular slot a rest and move onto a different slot – most online casinos have hundreds to choose from.

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