Poker Hand Rankings

Royal Flush

This is the best poker hand you can have.
Ex: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit.

10 of hearts jack hearts queen hearts king hearts ace hearts

Straight Flush

Five cards, same suit AND sequence.
Eg: 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c,Tc

6 club 7 club 8 club 9 club 10 club


Four cards of equal number or face.
Eg: Qc, Qh, Qd, Qs

queen club queen heart queen spades queen diamonds

Full House

Three cards of equal rank, and two different cards of the equal rank. (Three of a kind and a pair)
Eg: Th, Tc,  Td -  5s, 5d

10 heart 10 club 10 diamond 5 spade 5 dia


Any five cards of the same suit.
Eg: As, Ts, 9s, 5s. 2s

ace spade 10 spades 9 spade 5 spade 2 spade


Five cards of mixed suits, in sequence.
Eg: 9c, Th, Js, Qd, Kh

9 club 10 heart jack spade queedn diamond king heart


Any three cards of equal rank.
Ex: 9c, 9h, 9s

9 ckub 9 heart 9 spade

Two Pair

Two cards of equal rank and a different two cards of equal rank.
Ex: 5d, 5s - 2h, 2s

5 diamond 5 spade 2 heart 2 spade

One Pair

Two cards of equal rank.
Ex: Js, Jh

jack spade jack heart