5 Most Common Mistakes in online poker

Online poker strategy: Avoid these mistakes

Don't Play too many types of Poker

One of the most common mistakes made in poker is playing too many different types of game. Many players will switch between different variations of poker, be it cash games or tournaments, limit or no limit, or even a game such as Omaha . If you want to make the game really pay you need to focus and specialise in just one type of game. For most people this is No Limit Texas Hold’em. It is worth trying out all the different variations as you may find you have a particular skill for one of them, but you should test each game out at small stakes, and when you have found which game you are best at you should stick to it.

Don't Play too many Multi Table Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments are a great way of winning large sums for very small stakes but it is a mistake to solely rely on these. It often takes plenty of luck to emerge victorious from 500 players or so and it is very difficult to be both a skilful and lucky player. You are also likely to encounter better players in these tournaments as they will be after the big prizes so whilst you shouldn’t eliminate these games from your play completely as they are enjoyable and can be very profitable, you should try to make your profit in cash games.

The 2006 WSOP had over 12,000 players enter and was described by many a pro as "a crap shoot" due to the sheer volume of opponents you needed to overcome to even make the money.

Don't play higher stakes to escape bad beats

Another mistake people regularly make when playing poker is to play bigger limits to try to escape bad beats. At lower limits players are more likely to stay in the hand as they aren’t contributing too much so bad beats are likely to occur more regularly. It is thought that by moving up limits will eliminate bad beats but normally you will come up against better players and you will end up getting beat just as much, if not more, than you were before.

Always consider opponents hands

This one may sound trivial, but on so many occasions poker players are so preoccupied by what hand they have or a potential hand they may have they fail to consider what hand their opponent has. When their flush gets beat by a full house they consider this a bad beat, when actually it was poor play on their part. By watching your opponent’s betting patterns you should be able to work out what hands they have made and what hands they were chasing. This allows you to fold, check or raise accordingly.

Keep records of your poker activity

Finally, not keeping a record of your playing statistics is a big mistake. Records help you to see what sorts of games are profitable, what time of the day or week you are profitable and where your game needs improving. By taking notice of these statistics you will soon find your losses decreasing and your winnings increasing. Examples of useful software and websites to help you game are poker tracker and sharkscope.

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