Doyle Brunson poker player profile

Doyle Brunson is described by many as the legend of poker and was the first player ever to win $1 million in a poker tournament. Brunson is now in his 70’s but still competes in the world’s major poker tournaments.

Brunson boasts an impressive ten WSOP bracelets and a one WPT victory that have helped him earn almost $5 million in poker tournament winnings to date. Brusnson is one of only two players who hold the record of 2 consecutive WSOP victories. Brunson achieved this in 1976 and 1978, where he famously won the tournament with a starting hand of 10-2. This hand has since been named after Doyle.

Brusnon is the author of what is considered by many to be the definitive guide to playing poker: "Super/System" and launched a sequel "Super/System II" In 2004. Brunson also has his own online poker room “Doyle’s Room” where Brunson is a regular player and often carries “bounty” prizes should you eliminate him in a tournament.

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