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Win More By Avoiding Simple Errors

There are many pitfalls that my players fall into so as it’s Christmas I am going to try to help you all on your way to some extra Christmas cash and hopefully improve your all round game.

The biggest problem with most peoples’ game is that they play too many cards. Successful players will play just very strong hands, and slightly weaker hands depending on the game, position and the pot. Playing loose can get you into all sorts of situations where you are continually the underdog and sticking to playing just premium hands can make you the favourite to win most hands.

Small pairs can often drag people into playing when they shouldn’t. If you are playing in a loose game then it is worth seeing a flop with 66 as you can make a strong hand. If you don’t hit the 6 on the flop, or you are playing in a tight game, then it is time to fold. You have a one in eight chance of hitting it on the flop, but that becomes one in twenty three on the turn, so the chances are minimal.

Taking gutshots wills soon have you depositing more cash into your account because the probabilities simply don’t favour you making your hand. A gutshot is when you have a straight draw and only one card can help you make that straight. Exceptions include when you have multiple outs or you are seeing the turn and river very cheaply but other than that you should be throwing those cards away.

Even worse than the gutshot, is the backdoor flush. This is where you need both the turn and river cards to be of the same suit to make your flush. There is less than a 5% chance of this happening in your favour so you will need extra outs if you are to go down this path.

People don’t often realise what little chance they have of winning with certain hands so hopefully this will help to enlighten you as to what sort of hands you should be betting with, and what you should be folding with. You should always remember that you can’t lose what you don’t put in.

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