Playing The Big Slick Ace King in Poker

Some players claim they never win with Ace King in no limit hold’em poker. The reason for this is that they are not playing the hand correctly. Ace King, or big slick is one of the best starting hands in no limit hold’em, but at the same time you must realise it is not invincible.

To maximise your profit when playing Ace King, you need to be aggressive, as this will enable you to determine where you stand against your opponents both pre flop and during each additional betting rounds. In an unraised pot, you should always raise with big slick no matter what position. If you are re-raised many poker professionals suggest you should re-raise back. The advantages of this are that you can take down a reasonable sized pot there and then without even seeing the flop. In addition, it allows you to find out further as to where you stand against your other opponents. However, there are risks with this strategy as you can easily get pot committed.

Ace King presents a number of opportunities on the flop even if you don’t hit an Ace or a King (to give you top pair with a strong kicker). Ace King often presents numerous straight and flush draws, so it is advised to continue your aggression by betting on the flop even if you don’t connect for top pair if the board is friendly. Often you can take the pot down at this stage. However, if you still face resistance from your opponent by either a flat call or a re-raise, now is the time to start thinking that you are likely to be behind in the hand. Your opponent could have made a set or at the worst hold a high pair, and to either of these situations Ace King is heavily dominated.

One of the most important factor’s to playing Ace King is not to get carried away and to minimize your losses if you are behind. More often than not if you follow this strategy Ace King will be profitable, and in the long run you will win significantly more than on the occasions when you have to put the hand down.

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