Going on Tilt playing poker

Tilt it is one of the most commonly experienced problems in poker but there are measures you can take that will keep the damage to your finances as limited as possible. Hopefully, after reading this you will find it easier to control.

So you are dealt pocket Kings in a cash game and you make a suitable raise in order to face as few opponents as possible. One player calls you and you see the flop. The flop deals K-10-4 and they are all different suits. You move all-in with your set of Kings and your opponent calls and reveals 10-8 suited. You can’t believe their error, not only did they call your raise with that measly hand but they also called your all-in with just a pair of Tens. The Turn and the River are dealt and to your shock two more suited cards are revealed and your opponent has made a backdoor flush against the odds.

How you react to this is very important. Many players will reload their stack straight away and play aggressively in order to try to win their money back as soon as possible, especially against the player who cleared them out. They make calls and raises they wouldn’t necessarily normally make and they will find their stack disappearing pretty quickly, not from a bad beat this time, but from some poor decision making and bad play. Simple steps can be taken to avoid this.

First of all, if you are going to continue playing on that table you should take a break. Go and make a cup of tea, or have a snack, or do something to take your mind off what just happened. When you are ready to sit down again consider playing at lower stakes for a while. If you play badly due to tilt your losses will be limited and you may find that dropping down a level helps you win and improve your confidence again. You can always go back to that table afterwards.

In order to improve your poker game you have to learn from every hand that you lose. It may be the bad beat from hell or just a bit of reckless play but there is always a lesson to be learned.

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