Basic Poker Tournament Strategy

In order to do well in multi-table tournaments you not only have to be a good poker player but you also need to understand the best ways to build your stack up and then keep it built up for the rest of the tournament.

In the early phases of a tournament it is important that you can identify the weak players and target their chips. Someone is going to get them and it’s easier to win them there and then rather than having to take them off a better player at a later stage. Likewise you should be careful not to get involved against players who are obviously good and hold large stacks, as they will be difficult to bully, and you may find yourself getting drawn into an unnecessary confrontation with them.

It is imperative to keep a check on your overall place in the tournament. The main thing to be aware of is how many chips you have in relation to your competitors. If you are fairly low down, you will need to be very selective with the hands you play, and look to move all in when you receive a premium hand. If you have an average sized stack you should be fairly selective and then aggressive when you do get a good hand. If you are one of the chip leaders you can play fairly loosely and aggressively and you should try to take control of the table.

When you reach the latter stages of the tournament you can often notice which players are there to win and which would be happy with the place money. You should look to bully those players and avoid confrontations with players who look as though nothing but first place will do. You will have to take them on eventually, but hopefully by then your stack size should give you an advantage over them.

In order to win you have to play with confidence. You need to make yourself fearless and send other players running for cover when you place a big bet. You should be able to use your large chip stack to scare the opposition when you move your money in. The main thing is to make strong moves, and soon enough you will find yourself winning those big money multi-table tournaments. Don’t give up if you don’t win at first, it takes many attempts to win these types of tournaments.

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