The Evolution of Gambling: From Stone to Mobile Phone

Gambling has always been a part of the human history. It is truly evident that many years back, our ancestors had this form of socializing through gambling. It has existed in different parts of the world and there were traces found that groups of people were gathered to play some sort of game. Since we live in the modern days, people are now relying everything on technology. online casino have always been the main talk of the town when it comes to the gambling industry. Playing online has a lot of advantages. Try checking out Rolling Casino to experience the privileges that an online casino gives.  Going back, here is a brief timeline of how gambling evolved over the period of time:

  • Paleolithic Period – It is believed by some researchers that gambling took place during this period known as Old Stone Age even before history was properly documented.
  • 2300 B.C. – The earliest gambling took place in ancient China. There were indications that a simple game of chance was discovered on tiles.
  • 500 B.C. – Dice were said to be invented by a mythological hero, but it was 3000 B.C. when a pair of dice were found from an Egyptian tomb.
  • 800 A.D. – The first playing cards were played in China. Some say that the cards served as both the game and the stake.
  • 1400 – The game of baccarat arose from Italy to France. The game is still even played up to these days.
  • 1638 – The first casino started to appear in Venice, Italy called as ridotto.
  • 1700 – The game of blackjack has no clear history of where it came from, but researchers agreed that it came from a French casino.
  • 1796 – Blaise Pascal invented a perpetual motion machine but ended up being used as a casino game called roulette. It was first played in Paris.
  • 1891 – The very first gambling machine was created in New York by Messrs Sittman and Pitt.
  • 1930 – The gambling was then legalized in the United States after it was prohibited.
  • 1994 – It was in 1994 when virtual casino was developed by Microgaming known as the pioneer of online casino. The rise of online casino has made its way to operate up to the present.

 On the given timeline above, we can see how gambling evolved from a mere stone to mobile phone used in the present time. It is truly amazing how these people turned gambling in a modern way, big thanks to the technology. We can see now how online casinos have paved the way in gambling industry especially in times of pandemic. One of the most visited sites that can be accessed is It is a legitimate and trusted online casino that offers casino games like baccarat. You can check their site for more details. Having that said, gamblers can now play using gadgets like mobile phone. Playing online able gamblers to maximize their time in a much more convenient and efficient way. Among gamblers, baccarat is the most played casino game. This game is claimed to be a beginner-friendly, fast-paced, and moneymaker game.

The game of baccarat is always the gamblers’ go-to game, whether at a land-based casino or online casino. However, it is best to play at a baccarat site. The advantage of playing baccarat on an online casino is you get more perks like rewards, bonuses, and cash back. The more you gamble, the more benefits you get.

We can see how gambling evolved through history and how technology gets involved in the timeline. A lot of online casinos have emerged over time. Gamblers found online casinos as a safer venue of playing casino games. Try paying a visit to Rolling Casino to play your favorite casino game. Just get your device and you are all set. Have a great time with Rolling Casino. Fighting!

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